Jul 27, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

Scribbled by Angelina

Got tagged by JJzai more than a week ago, and I almost forgot to complete it XD


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Okay, let me get started with the facts :)
Fact #1: I'm a banana wannabe (a predictable fact #1, lol)

Fact #2: I procrastinate.
I tend to delay tasks until the last minute and frequently burn the midnight oil because of this. I will change soon. Oh yes, veeeeery soon :) Tomorrow. No, the day after tomorrow. No, next week, I swear. Err, maybe in a fortnight's time. Okay, next month! Oh, fine, by the end of this year! Yes, yes. Procrastination is eating up my life.
Fact #3: I'm addicted to the internet.
I have a weird addiction. I'm not obsessed over the internet for a reason. I'm just obsessed because I'm obsessed. As long my taskbar shows "You are connected.", my heart will immediately be contented. I don't even have to touch my computer, I just have to know it's connected. I guess my heart needs the internet to beat.
Fact #4: I'm lazy.
I don't always hand in my homework on time. I just hate doing things that I don't like to do, but since adults always misinterpret "uninterested" as "lazy", I might as well put this fact.
Fact #5: I hate cleaning up.
I don't clean my room (or the living room which I sleep in). I strewn my books all over on my desk in school until school finishes. My cupboard which has been ransacked by me months ago still has its status maintained. I never do household chores. I hate washing the dishes.

Meh, I even handed in a feedback form to the prefect's board commenting on how too many prefects are to clean the prefect's room everyday, and they should take turns MONTHLY to clean. It was accepted and my turn is in October. Yay! No more all-year-round duties! :P
Fact #6: I hate shopping.
I really don't know why a lot of girls like shopping. I don't know why I don't go, "OMG, LOOK AT THAT DRESS! I'm sooooooo gonna get it someday!" when I pass by a gorgeous looking dress. And I don't even own a dress. Or a skirt (besides my school uniform). I don't have any fancy accessories except for the earrings I bought more than 3 years ago, and I don't even wear them, lol.
Fact #7: I hate stupid people (in sense of mentality, not studies)
If you're bad at your studies, it doesn't mean that I won't like you, cause it doesn't mean that you're stupid. You might be just uninterested :) I really don't know how to describe someone stupid, they just... are. Especially those who don't read. They'd rather ask you a tonne of questions and piss you off, and they still have to READ YOUR REPLIES OFF THEIR SCREENS. Stupid, isn't it?

Another kind of stupid people, are those who use excessive short forms or stupid "funky" typing "styles" which annoys the shit out off me.

Example of excessive short forms:

wt?? bt i duno ur frm tt class o....

Is it so hard to type that few extra alphabets to make your sentences more readable? Will your fingers break from typing "too much"? Vowels murderers.

Example of stupid "funky" typing "styles":

wahs!`` sh0 kAwaii nerhhx!!`` iie osh0 wan oohx ^^`

This one is worse -_- You call this STYLE? You... you... language hijackers. I wonder what's up with those kawaii-girl wannabes and their extra 'S's, 'X's, 'I's and other alphabets, the ` symbol, and their "O"s becoming zeroes. And I suspect that this kind of people have Parkinson's disease. Poor them. They seem to shiver while they type.
Fact #8: I'm an atheist (This is what I believe in)
The existence of God just doesn't sound logic to me, sorry to all worshipers of God out there. I believe what I see, distrust what I have not, no matter how many people agree with it, or how true it sounds. Same goes to my disbelief of the existence of ghosts. I wouldn't mind hitching a ride to a temple to get my eyes "yin and yang powers", which superstitious people say that people can see ghosts after rubbing some (I don't know holy or unholy) substances on my eyes. SEE TO BELIEVE! :) But I don't believe I will ever see a ghost, not in this lifetime, lol.


Phew, I've finally complete the tag! *wipes sweat* Hope you guys enjoyed reading the disgusting truth about me :P And I have to tag another 8 more people, but I don't know who to tag... Ahh! Ideas pop out just at the right time.

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I'm such a genius. Lol.

~ Angelina