Sep 17, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Guess I'd better update on my disappearance or people might file a report to the police on my disappearance xD

Well, I'm not kidnapped, I wasn't grounded or anything, nor did I committed suicide. I still go online without fail everyday BUT! I have lost interest in blogging unfortunately =( And so goes my ambition of being a full time blogger in the future, lol. I've returned to reading about space and matters in space. Oh, and guess what, I FOUND A BOOK ABOUT BLACK HOLES BY STEPHEN HAWKING! My mum said that my uncle bought it out of interest but failed to complete the book because he dislikes reading. It looks kinda old now, but meh =D IT'S STILL ABOUT BLACK HOLES OMG.

I can't stop imagining about how the universe formed. The Big Bang theory is a little weird and no, I don't believe that God created the universe with a snap of His finger. Unless you tell me how God was created (a logical explanation), or I still won't accept His existence. LOL at the capital letters. So yeah, I'm an atheist. So sue me =)

From my imaginations, death is just like sleeping. It's the exact feeling. Except that you don't dream. I mean, when you have dreamless sleeps, your mind doesn't even know that you're sleeping. In fact, it doesn't even know anything. It's just... I should say, temporarily dead. The difference of sleep and death is only between being temporary and permanent. SO! I've been awake for long hours lately, slept little too. I mean, I get to sleep forever when I grow old! FOREVER! I don't get to enjoy my life forever, lol. Sleep is bad =D

*Rummages brain for unproved theories I've made up so far* Can't think of any so far =/

OH YEA! A little brain exercise now. Nope, not IQ questions. Here it goes:

Have you imagined nothingness before? I mean like, TOTAL NOTHINGNESS? Not even colour exist. If you're imagining a whole world which is pitch black, you're imagining wrong. It's black, and it's a colour. And to see black, you need something to show that colour. So it's not nothingness. Same goes if you imagined nothingness as pure white. There's gotta be something to make something or somewhere white too! I can't imagine nothingness. Can you?

I don't think anyone ever can. If there is nothing, then how do you imagine it? Even if you could, there would be nothing to explain about, because there's just nothing there! You know, NOTHINGNESS! Okay, you guys must be thinking that I'm too bored now xD But seriously, trying to imagine the truly unimaginable is fun =)

Okay, THIS IS A SUPA DUPA LONG ENTRY! I wonder how I even managed to type such a long post ._. I'm not gonna be leaving forever, I'll be back when I have something good to announce/something nice I think I want to share... So you guys can come and check here once every few months and you might spot a mini update. Or a long one. Or you might see nothingness. Or nothing. Whatever.

~ Angelina